Filipino Restaurants in Queens, NY

We visited Filipino Restaurants in Woodside Queens and one Restaurant that I like is called Perlas ng Silanganan.  We came here on different occasions when we celebrated my birthday in January and Marissa’s birthday in March.  The place has never been disappointed since the place is cleaned and the restrooms are well maintained.  We ordered different style of food and ate family style.  The place has live band music and the decor has mural on walls.  The bar is shaped like a boat and has fishes around it.  On both occasions, we ended up dancing and singing.  The first time we went there together with my cousin, Annabelle, and she sang with the band. It was awesome!  The second time with Kayla and Noah and they both had a great time dancing and watching fishes.  I must admit the live bands playing on both occasions were great as they were playing 80’s music to more Continue reading →

Ube (Purple Yum) Cupcakes

I grew up loving Ube cakes a very popular cake in the Philippines.  This cake is pretty much available in almost all bakeshops back home.  I haven’t visited Philippines for years, so I truly miss this cake.  I have searched for Ube cake recipes, but it is very hard to find a perfect recipe that is light, moist and really taste like Ube.  I have hunted for this recipe for years and actually gave up.  Finally, I read different blogs and have decided to try Continue reading →

Spooktacular Halloween Party

I don’t know about you, but I actually found Halloween such a fun holiday to decorate for. When Erica told me that we were going to have a Halloween Party, I was actually excited as this would be my very first Halloween party to decorate.   I started brainstorming on what kind of DIY decorations I could put on the dessert table. I thought I found the right Halloween Decorations with spook factor.  The combinations of DIY decorations I made and store-bought from The Party City and just added my twist to it made it complete. I also added Halloween candies and marshmallows mummies from The Oriental Trading.  I made bloody and non-bloody brain cupcakes with Snickers Bar caramel frosting and Oreo cupcakes with bloody hands.  I also Continue reading →

Race Cars Themed Birthday Party {Johnny Jr}

I attended a birthday party of my two years old nephew – Baby Johnny.  He loves all things related to cars, so it was only fitting that his mom – Christine and grandma – Slyvia had the Race Cars themed birthday party.

When we arrived, the children were excited as they saw the bungee jumping canopy.  The boys and girls absolutely loved it!  Of course, the highlight of the party was our birthday boy and the beautiful delicious fondant race cars and cake pops that Slyvia and Christine made.  Each of the guests went Continue reading →

DIY Wedding Centerpieces

Thinking of making your own wedding centerpieces?  Well I got a chance to make my own DIY wedding centerpieces when Erica and Jose got married.  At first, I was scared because flowers play an important role in wedding decorations and this was my very first DIY table centerpieces for wedding.  Second, I was not sure if I was talented enough to do it, so I had to dig deeper and got a chance to see if I have “Martha Stewart” talent.  Well okay I should not compare myself to Martha Stewart as she is the queen of the DIY, but I could not help myself…hahaha.

The first thing I did was look for tall vase.  I looked all over and found tall glass vases from Michaels and TJ Max.  Believe it or not, I found that TJ Continue reading →

Bloody Brain Cupcakes

As I am preparing for our Halloween Party, I have started searching what type of cupcakes I will serve.  There are so many ingenious Halloween cupcakes all over the internet.   I have decided to try bloody brain cupcakes.  Lucky for me, I found this blood candy, so I will add it to my brain cupcakes.  Since this is the first time I will be making brain cupcakes, I know that I needed to practice.  This is my first try, so hopefully it is scary enough.  I think the next time around I will be making gray brains instead of pink brains, so it will look more grotesque.  I will also need a fairly stiff Continue reading →

40th Birthday Party {Archie}

Happy 40th Birthday!

They say that “Life begins at 40,” so my sister-in-law Marissa wanted to celebrate my brother Archie’s big 4-0.  Marissa and Archie started looking for a place to celebrate the big day and celebrate the next phase of his life in with a big swing.   Since it was his fourth decade on this planet, he wanted a little spectacular birthday where we all got a chance to dress up, dance a little, drink, eat and be merry.  We headed to Sofrito Restaurant in Manhattan, NY and he invited his friend as well.  I think this was his first birthday since he came in NY that we actually celebrated it with a bang.  Either that or I’m just being forgetful as alway.  Anywhew …..I guess 40th celebration is the time where you can reflect about life and be thankful for everything and Continue reading →