My husband’s birthday in heaven

My husband birthday is today.  I still don’t know how to deal this day.  When I’m alone specially when everyone is asleep and that is where I miss him the most. I just end up hugging my pillow and cry those silent tears.  The pain never goes away it just becomes more bearable with time.  I still feel lost, sad, alone and confused.  I know that we had amazing times.  Memories is what is left and I will always cherish it for the rest of my life. He will always be in my heart.  Nobody could take this place because he was a one of a kind.

Vieques Island Puerto Rico Vacation {Part II}

We were all excited to go to Culebra since we heard so many rave reviews about this place.  JJ woke us up so early and we drove to Fajardo to go to Culebra. When we arrived, we were so happy as the line was short. When we were next to the line to go buy our tickets, all of a sudden there was an announcement that Culebra tickets were sold out….what?  wait…how could that be? Yes, we found out that they are only a limited number of tickets available for each ferry to go to Culebra as residents of the island have priority over other travelers.  You could imagine what a total disappointment we felt. We came here to see one of the most beautiful beaches in the world – Flamenco and now we were not able to see it. Instead of ruining our day, we headed to the other island – Vieques. We were supposed to be boarded at 9:30, so we waited and waited…waited and finally we boarded at 11:30 am. The boat ride was rough that Jessica and I got seasick. We both felt like we were dying, so I told JJ that we needed to buy a medicine for motion Continue reading →

Puerto Rico Vacation {Part I}

I wanted to get away to escape the life here in New York, so when the opportunity presented to me, I took it and started looking for a place to go for our vacation. I decided to go to Puerto Rico. The first time I visited Puerto Rico was when Erica and JJ were small with my husband, my mother-in-law and my mom. I fell in love with this island, so I wanted to explore this place again and remember the good memories I had. I’m so glad I did as Puerto Rico is truly blessed to have many natural wonders that would take weeks or even months to explore. From some of the beaches that are constantly ranked as some of the best in the world, to El Yunque the only rainforest under the USA territory, and to having 3 bioluminecent bays. This island truly offers something to do for everyone to see. So, I searched online for many book travel agencies and I found a great deal using JetBlue getaway promo vacations. I definitely got a good deal on the flight, Continue reading →

Nautical Themed Baby Shower {Christine}

It was two years ago when we celebrated our gorgeous Christine Baby Shower.  I know it was a long time ago, but I just have to share it as the occasion was beautiful.  She wanted to have a Nautical Themed Baby Shower, so my families got together and helped make this happen.  Vicky was responsible for the table centerpieces, so she created these beautiful centerpieces.  She had big vases filled with sand and candles.  Sylvia was responsible for the desserts including the nautical themed fondant cake and I was responsible for decorating the Continue reading →

Happy 81st Birthday {Titi Casilda}

I attended a surprise 81st birthday party for Titi Casilda.  I could not believe she is 81 as she looks good.  Her 6 daughters, grandchildren and great grandchildren honoring eight decade of life with their mom/grandma and all were attended were blessed to be able to celebrate it with her.  The party was held at Bay Ridge Manor in Brooklyn.

I remember my husband and my mother-in-law  had a conversation that Titi Casilda is truly blessed because she has 7 wonderful daughters and I got to witness how strong their whole family bonding is.  I felt that there was so much love and respect as the evidence of Continue reading →

Pocono Mountains {Pennsylvania}

Few months ago, my son {John John} saw me feeling depressed, so he convinced me to go to the Pocono just to get away. If you know John John, you will know that he does not accept NO for an answer so we headed to the Pocono over the weekend. I remember my Father-in-law and Mother-in-law used to own a vacation home in the Pocono. I still remember how much fun we used to have and those are the days that I still cherish. I haven’t been to the Pocono in years since my husband died, so it definitely brought back good memories. I truly appreciate the Pocono Mountains and the simplicity of its nature in its truest form and how friendly the people are. We had the opportunity to experience the Poconos once again. We stayed at Chateau Resort and the hotel has an amazing view of the mountains. We also Continue reading →